Our Founding Story

Our brand’s founding story is one of passion, dedication, resilience, and a vision for a better future. We are a small team who shared a dream – to create sustainable products that make a positive impact on the environment. Nestled in Southern Ontario, our team grew up with a deep appreciation for their communities, nature, design, and quality products. Our love for the environment and a desire to make a difference fueled their entrepreneurial spirit and led to the birth of our brand and our founding story.

One pressing issue they saw was the problem of plastic waste polluting our landfills and waterways. Their determination was unwavering as they sought to find a solution that would transform plastic waste into stunning, functional, and sustainable products. With unwavering determination, we pursued their mission of creating innovative and environmentally-conscious solutions. Repurposing plastic waste into beautiful products that had a positive impact on the planet. This was the spark that ignited our journey of innovation and paved the way for our brand’s founding story.

Born from Passion, Driven by Sustainability

With unwavering passion and dedication, our found story includes a team that has delved into research and development to find ways to repurpose recycled plastics into practical products with a competitive price point without compromising on quality.

After months of brainstorming, prototyping, and testing, they developed a breakthrough product – ergonomic combs made from recycled plastics. With meticulous care, we designed our combs with a dual focus: delivering unparalleled functionality and embodying our unwavering commitment to sustainability. We painstakingly crafted the sleek and modern design of our combs to perfectly resonate with style-conscious consumers who align with our values. The design was thoughtfully curated to deliver outstanding performance and appeal to those who prioritize sustainability, aligning with our vision for a better, more eco-friendly world. The exuberant response from our team was brimming with excitement and pride, as they recognized that they had created something truly exceptional that perfectly aligned with our core values and unwavering vision.


Sustainability is one of our brand’s core values. We passionately uphold our commitment to utilizing recycled plastics in place of new, non-renewable resources. It is a part of our efforts to mitigate waste, lower energy consumption, and reduce carbon emissions. Our unwavering dedication to sustainability motivates us to actively seek innovative ways to minimize our environmental footprint. We will play our part in building a more sustainable future for our planet. Our dedication to sustainability drives us to actively seek ways to minimize our environmental impact to contribute to a sustainable future. Using recycled plastic requires less energy to process and reduces the need for virgin materials, which in turn reduces air and water pollution caused by raw material extraction and processing.

Our founding story- CANADIAN-MADE

Alongside our commitment to sustainability and innovation, the “Made in Canada” label is an essential aspect of our brand identity. We are dedicated to showcasing the origin of our products, which are meticulously made in Canada. As a Canadian brand we pride ourselves in representing Canadian-made values; quality, fairness, and transparency. We are proud to produce our combs in Canada using recycled plastics, demonstrating our dedication to promoting local manufacturing. We are minimizing our environmental footprint by utilizing recycled materials and producing our combs domestically. This promotes sustainability and reduce our carbon footprint, aligning with our values of responsible business practices and supporting local communities. The “Made in Canada from Recycled Plastics” label is a testament to our dedication to sustainability and responsible production practices.

Earth Combs: Our Sustainable, Innovative, and Community-Driven Philosophy

At Earth Combs, we anchor our philosophy on three foundational principles: sustainability, innovation, and community. These guiding values shape every decision, as we strive to make a positive impact on the environment. Driving innovation in our products and practices, and actively contribute to the well-being of our communities.


We maintain an unwavering commitment to minimizing our environmental impact and promoting sustainability across all aspects of our operations. This includes continuously seeking ways to conserve resources, and implement sustainable practices in our manufacturing, packaging, and distribution processes. Our dedication to sustainability is at the core of our business values and shapes our approach to responsible business practices. Our mission is to repurpose recycled plastics into beautiful, high-quality combs that are reusable, recyclable, and environmentally friendly. We believe in using sustainable materials and production processes, reducing waste, and minimizing our carbon footprint. We are passionate about preserving the planet for future generations and making a positive impact on the environment.


We are dedicated to being innovative leaders in our industry. Our combs are meticulously crafted with ergonomic design principles for optimized everyday tasks. Prioritizing user-centric design, we elevate grooming experiences. Our products exceed expectations, making routines efficient and enjoyable. We explore new materials, technologies, and designs to create functional, innovative products. Our commitment to pushing the boundaries of what is possible is unwavering. We actively drive continuous improvement and evolution in our products, always seeking to exceed expectations and set new benchmarks. We innovate to push boundaries and deliver the best customer experience.


Our aim: create products that uplift people and communities. As a proud Canadian company, we strive to support local businesses, artisans, and organizations that share our values.

Our philosophy is evident in all aspects: materials, production, packaging.

We believe using recycled plastics is responsible, reduces waste, conserves resources. Repurposing plastics reduces waste, conserves resources, lowers energy consumption, and carbon emissions which is better for everyone.

Our founding story is one of Commitment

We have an unwavering commitments to sustainability and prioritize innovation as a core value. Pushing boundaries, pioneer advancements, and craft combs with ergonomic design principles to enhance everyday tasks. Actively seeking out new materials, technologies, and manufacturing techniques to create innovative products that meet customer needs.

Our philosophy extends beyond sustainability and innovation. As a socially responsible and community-oriented brand, we actively engage and contribute to our communities. We support local initiatives and advocate for environmental and social causes. Our brand ethos encompasses sustainability, innovation, and community engagement guiding our business practices.

Earth Combs embodies our philosophy through the tangible implementation in our daily practices and decision-making, going beyond mere empty words. We actively develop sustainable and innovative products that benefit our environment, customers, and communities. We constantly strive to improve and uphold our philosophy in all our endeavors.